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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Efaflex China: tailored

Efaflex China: tailored solutions for future challenges Efaflex, the high-speed door manufacturer, is using its Chinese subsidiary to prove that its customer-driven mindset knows no bounds. Efaflex (Shanghai) Industrial Doors Co. Ltd. was founded to ensure the company was better placed to respond to the needs of Chinese operators and the requirements of the Chinese market. Shengxue Wang is an expert in marketing premium brands as well as planning and establishing sales networks and has been the Managing Director of the company since the beginning of the year. She has studied and worked in Germany for more than ten years and values the reliability, innovative performance and engineering skills of German companies. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise RUBRIK CEMAT ASIA PREVIEW f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Efaflex has been represented on the Chinese market through committed trading partners for fifteen years. Since January 2016, the Chinese subsidiary has been supporting existing Chinese sales partners on site thus offering existing and potential customers an extensive range of services ranging from sales advice through to assembly and customer services. “We can already refer to a rapidly increasing number of satisfied, representative end customers, explains Managing Director, Shengxue Wang. “We are going to expand our strategic activities to other industry sectors with Efaflex China.” China offers great prospects for high-speed doors Nobody really knows how big the Chinese market for high-speed doors is, as there is no official data. However, in the door sector, it is estimated that thousands of high-speed industrial doors are required each year. This is despite the fact that the advantages of highspeed doors are not really known in China. Wang is positive that this will change quickly over the next few years and believes that the need for high-speed doors particularly in the logistics and food industry will rise significantly. Challenges: customer expectations and brand protection We are going to expand our strategic activities to other industry sectors with Efaflex China Shengxue Wang, Managing Director, Efaflex (Shanghai) Industrial Doors Co. Ltd. the Chinese government’s desire to improve food safety and the quality of medicine on a continuous basis will generate new opportunities for Efaflex China. Growth drivers: quality and customer focus “With individual advice, customized, application-specific solutions and uncompromising quality, we can successfully stand out from the competition. We have made long-term plans to minimize costs and delivery times,” emphasizes Wang explaining the strategy of Efaflex for the Chinese market. “Our brands and one of our strategic key products, the freezer door TK 100, are now protected trademarks in China. In addition, we will maintain a close overview of the legislation, social developments and sector trends. We will also be attending more sector events to ensure Efaflex is permanently embedded in the heads and hearts of potential target groups thus ensuring that we establish an even more sustainable position on the market.” Portfolio includes solutions to meet China’s future challenges In the long-term, Wang believes that Efaflex has a positive future in China as long as the company maintains an overview of how the Chinese market is developing. Following ratification of the climate protection agreement in Paris, the focus has increasingly moved towards environmental protection and the Industry 4.0 project is being driven forward at high speed in China. In both of these areas, our energy-efficient products, customer-specific advice and tailored complete solutions accurately meet existing and future market requirements. In this context, an increasing number of Chinese customers will recognize the benefits of high-speed industrial doors and will be willing to invest in future-proof solutions that will benefit everyone in the long run.” A positive trend for which Efaflex is perfectly positioned with its Chinese subsidiary and Managing Director, Shengxue Wang. Photographs: Efaflex “Just like everywhere else in the world, customers in China also expect a good price/service ratio, short delivery times and fast fulfillment of customer requirements,” says Wang explaining the current situation in China. “Additionally, when it comes to high-quality, premium products such as our innovative industrial doors, brand protection is still a very important topic within the Chinese market.” Key factors: politics and legislation As economic growth in China is significantly controlled by politics, new laws and specifications can quickly change the framework conditions for entire industry sectors. “This is why every company must know the exact laws and standards,” explains Wang going on to clarify that for door manufacturers in China the GMP and ATEX guidelines are particularly important in this context. Wang believes that About Efaflex Efaflex GmbH & Co.KG from Bruckberg/Germany is one of the leading innovators in the field of high-speed industrial doors and security systems. The company manufactures highly isolating external building doors for the industry as well as interior doors, door systems for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors, and high-speed doors for special applications and parking systems. About 1,000 people on five continents generated 111 million euro in 2015. In 2014, Efaflex GmbH & Co. KG celebrated its 40th anniversary. f+h Intralogistics 4/2016


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