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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Supply chain 2025:

Supply chain 2025: corrugated cardboard with enormous potential for the future About VDW VDW – short for Verband der Wellpappen-Industrie, the German Association of Corrugated Board Manufacturers – has 30 member companies with about 100 plants in Germany. In 2015 the VDW members sold 7.5 billion m 2 of corrugated board, 200 million or 2.7 per cent more than in 2014. Two out of three goods transported on German streets, rails or rivers are packed in corrugated board. About 16,000 employees in the German corrugated board industry are working every day on making industrial and retail supply chains more efficient and sustainable. RUBRIK SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT According to the “Supply Chain 2025” study completed by the Frankfurter Zukunftsinstitut on behalf of Verband der Wellpappenindustrie e. V., there are five main trends that will significantly influence the supply chain of the future. N eo-ecology is not just requested by consumers, but is also increasingly implemented by manufacturers for strategic leverage. The connectivity enables production and logistics to be interconnected. In addition, globalization is set to increase the proximity to customers so that reactions to changing demands can be faster and more flexible. Mobility is interconnected with this and despite the growing amount of traffic, the overall aim is to supply cities efficiently and quickly with goods and services. Another factor that must be considered is the individualization that ensures solutions tailored to personal requirements can be implemented. According to the main findings of the study, packaging materials that already have excellent environmental characteristics as well as flexible construction and configuration options offer the best potential for the future. In future, higher requirements will therefore be placed on the transport packaging. This includes five functions: protecting the transported product will remain important, while the informationcarrying properties will become more important in the same way as the communication on the packaging. The role of the packaging as a supply chain enabler will become more important as will simple handling and the provision of added value for users. In future, the packaging of high-value goods that are being transported could increasingly take on the role of an active guarantee, implemented, for example, by means of a sensor and communication capabilities that inform the user about any vibrations and damage. The supply of information will also be dynamic. The packaging will, for example, document its route through the supply chain. Packaging will also become more important to the consumer, as the presentation of the packaging is becoming more significant in the stationary and online retail sectors. The demand for corrugated cardboard to be a flexible and variable facilitator is also on the rise. “Increased individualization in the e-commerce sector means that a larger variety of shipments are being transported,” explains Christian Rauch, the manager of the Frankfurter Zukunftsinstitut. Taking the entire supply chain into consideration, there is a need for packaging that balances the requirements of the various users within the supply chain in an intelligent way. In the context of the overall trend towards sustainability, recyclable packaging will increasingly be used as a resource. Rauch: “In future, packaging standards will increasingly ensure that it is integrated within closed product streams so that it can be recycled at a minimal depreciation rate or reused efficiently.” Photographs: Fotolia Processing: VFV, Sonja Schirmer f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Compact and Cost-effective – One-Level Shuttle System CUBY The Cuby is the single-level shuttle system from the SSI Schaefer shuttle family. It is designed for bins and cartons up to 35 kg. The system combines excellent storage density with high availability and achieves high rentability in a short payback period. The patent-pending and ingenious use of the support beam as a guide for the shuttle‘s load handling device is one of a kind. A scalable lifting system with double-story function ensures high performance and compact system layouts. The Cuby system is suitable for a wide range of applications and fits perfectly to an impressive line-up that comprises Navette (multi-level shuttle for bins, cartons and trays), Schaefer Tray System (multi-level shuttle for individual pallet layers) and Schaefer Lift&Run System (multi-level shuttle for pallets). Do you want to learn more about the efficiency and range of applications of the Cuby shuttle system? Simply contact us, we would be glad to help. Visit us at CeMAT Asia Hall W1, Booth A1


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