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f+h Intralogistics 4/2015


CRANES & HOISTS cal expertise but is he also able to manage complex project flows reliably and transparently? Is he himself in a position to provide all the required certifications and material certificates? Particularly in the complex environment of LNG plants, only a few crane technology suppliers remain who can answer all these questions in the affirmative with a clear conscience and can support EPC companies with their own experience and research in implementing the project. With 85 years’ experience in building explosion-protected crane systems and its own sales and engineering department for large-scale international projects, Stahl CraneSystems is at present equipping around 20 LNG projects per year with its hoists and crane components. Photos: Lead photo Fotolia/processing: VFV Grafik, 01 – 03 Stahl CraneSystems 03 Formula for long life and safety: sound workmanship and easily accessible components International cooperation The customized hoists for the first two cranes were completed in Künzelsau in May 2015 and the abnormal load transported to a German crane builder, where the cranes will be built, erected and tested. The cranes will be shipped in Hamburg and travel to Sabetta in north-west Siberia by sea in summer. The crane components for the process modules from Philippine manufacturer AG&P will also be manufactured in Germany and then transported to the construction site in Yamal, where they will be installed in the modules. The LNG plant is to be commissioned in 2017. Not only for the Yamal project: Whenever major international projects with global reach are processed, countless certification stages and documentation requirements must be met. It is therefore important for international systems builders and EPC companies to critically assess suppliers’ inhouse processes: does the crane builder have experience in international projects? Does he not only have the requisite techni- About Stahl CraneSystems Stahl CraneSystems GmbH, with head office in Künzelsau/Germany, has more than 120 years experience in crane construction. The manufacturer offers a full range of crane technology and crane components, including chain and rope hoists, winches, and light and small crane systems, as well as drive and control solutions. It is a world leader in explosion protected crane technology. Indeed, Stahl CraneSystems developed the first components for such applications as far back as 1926, thus contributing to today’s industrial standards. The company manufactures its products at the Künzelsau plant, but has 9 foreign subsidiaries. It has 700 employees worldwide. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Internal video: Learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise 48 f+h Intralogistics 4/2015

Product News IT Scan presents a high-tech system for industrial automation The management system of industrial enterprise Expert Logistic RTW is a hybrid solution of MES and WMS class. This system was created with the help of modern technology, combining production and warehouse management with flexible integration into various ERP system types. These include systems of production (PMP) and warehouse processes management, control of the material flow, and the visualization. Upon the successful implementation of Expert Logistic RTW, business processes become optimized and a clear architecture of the industrial enterprise is being organized. The system is also endowed with artificial intelligence – analyzing the work of employees, “teachers”, it automatically creates new operation algorithms and adjusts the existing business processes, which helps to reduce the costs of the enterprise significantly. In addition, the intelligent system of “IT Scan” company allows you to control production and to make it more cost-effective due to the transparency of all operations at each stage of the works. The company would like to mention the availability of the “MultiBus” module for the implementation of the global data exchange model between information systems, optimizing the conventional document management. The implementation of this system in the field enables the application of the hybrid “Infrastructure” technology, which makes it possible to use not only standard data acquisition terminals, but also the modern tablets and other devices in the course of work. Efficient forklift control in real time The inconsoRLS Realtime Location System from software and consulting company Inconso records the location of trucks in real time, optimizing distance travelled by using the truck in the best position to respond to each task. The system also eliminates the need for scanning pallets manually, thereby saving additional time. Truck positions in outside storage areas are calculated via GPS. In halls the software evaluates the image data of the location in real time. The solution can be introduced quickly and without long downtimes. Aside from implementing the inconso add-ons into an existing warehouse management system, all that is needed is to mount peripheral devices on the trucks and marks in the hall. inconsoRLS works preferably as a locating solution in block warehouse structures for optimizing handling of entire pallets. The system uses a three-dimensional plan of the warehouse incorporating storage location data from the warehouse management system and listing the position and dimensions of every pallet in its coordinate system. Wirtschaftsjournal „Business in Russland“ • Nachrichten aus der Wirtschaft • Reportagen • Interviews • Analysen • Expertentipps Bereits erhältlich! Verpassen Sie nicht die neue Ausgabe! INFORMATIONEN ÜBER DIE WERBEMÖGLICHKEITEN ERHALTEN SIE UNTER WERBUNG@MARTENS.RU. MDZ.indd 1 31.07.2015 14:45:33 f+h Intralogistics 4/2015 49


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