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f+h Intralogistics 4/2015


MATERIAL FLOW 03 With their special seal system, an upstream lubrication chamber and the integrated self-lubricating element the linear guide rails are designed for low maintenance 02 Linear guide rails of the Mono Rail type are available in sizes from 15 to 55 mm wide and in different precision and pre-load classes ferent load handling devices are available that allow cycle times of eight to ten seconds, depending on the type. The grippers operate with one Venturi tube for each suction pad. To create a vacuum the machine is equipped with its own compressor, which makes it independent of an external compressed air supply. The type C2 machine, the “sister” of the C1, unloads containers with a mixed load (boxes and paper or jute sacks). In addition to the load handling device and a conveyor belt, this version of the system is equipped with a docking station for connection to sorting stations, for example. The C2 cannot be used for pallet loading; nor is the system designed for entering containers. As mentioned above, a third series is currently under development. In principal, it is a sorting station that can identify the supplied packages (sacks or boxes) and then label and sort them for intermediate storage. Multifunctional linear guide rails in use In the development and assembly of the unloading machines, the manufacturer uses components from suppliers who can also offer added value in the form of advice and support. Copal has been cooperating with Rollon for about 15 years. The distances are short to the component manufacturer’s Dutch agency and the office in Düsseldorf, which coordinates and supports the activities north of the Alps. Copal regularly takes advantage of this support, for example in calculating the life, permissible forces and deformations, distribution of forces and torsional forces. In addition, all types of CAD data are available, which allows fast integration of the components in drawing sets. The majority of the linear guide rails used in the Copal machines are the Mono Rail type (Image 02 and 03). These profile guide rails are designed for high precision and high loads. To meet these requirements, the self-lubricating slider of the profiles is equipped with four rows of steel balls and the raceways of the slider and rails are ground and hardened. The steel balls and the special radius of the raceway allow this system to transport heavy loads, which is why these versions are used widely in mechanical engineering and in robotics. Copal mounts the linear guide rails and also aligns them, due to the high precision required in view of the high forces and speeds that occur during the unloading process. The company has the necessary equipment and experience to achieve this precision. Hoogenboom: “Our machines, including all sub-systems and components, have to operate trouble-free around the clock, seven days a week. For this reason, we have high requirements for the robustness, durability, reliability and impact resistance of the com- About Rollon The Rollon Group, with headquarters in the Italian city of Vimercate, is a worldwide leading supplier with an extensive line of linear technology components and system solutions. The product spectrum, currently with 20 product families and around 70 single products, comprises standard components ranging from linear guide rails to telescoping rails and linear axes for every field of use, including high-precision and heavy-duty applications. The products are supplemented by the extensive development, production, system and application expertise of the Rollon engineers. With a total of 280 employees, the Rollon Group achieved annual turnover of € 58 million in 2014; the group has subsidiaries in Germany (Düsseldorf), France, the Netherlands, the USA, India, China and Brazil, in addition to representative offices in Russia and Great Britain. ponents used. All components must also be designed for low maintenance.” The linear guide rails are used not only for the transport of the boxes or sacks, but also for all extendible parts of the machine. In addition, the horizontal and vertical adjustments of the grippers (Image 04) for example and the slide-in modules containing the controller, the electrical equipment, the compressor and the hydraulic unit, also use linear guide rails. Photos: Copal, Rollon 04 Several linear guide rails are used in the load-handling device 32 f+h 7-8/2015

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