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f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

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Product News Expertise for central and localized Nord Drivesystems technology enables perfect drive solutions Bringing variable-speed, geared motors up to date may well require some traditional methods: despite the increasing popularity of localized technology that is, most of all, easy to connect, solutions featuring frequency converters fitted in switch cabinets are still widely used nowadays. Nord Drivesystems supports individual assessments with qualified advice on the basis of comprehensive sector and application expertise. The company provides a range of frequency converters for both options (largely compatible with each other) to enable consistently similar handling, even in heterogeneously equipped systems, thanks to identically designed control and operating processes. Nord Drivesystems is currently working on enhancing both localized and central solutions. The manufacturer provides the customized and adapted SK 200E series frequency converter for close-coupled or fully integrated layouts designed for applications on the conveyor section. If required, the compact units with a wide performance range of up to 22 kW can also operate as positioning, lifting and safety equipment. Switch cabinet-mounted SK 500E series frequency converters provide an identical level of functions as well as type-specific, additional, dynamic motion control features and they are currently available with an output of up to 132 kW (in design categories 1 to 10). Series upgrades with a design category 11 model and an output of 160 kW are planned for this year. Indian Companies Company profiles and product news: n Electro Mech n Exide Industries Ltd n Godrej n Hercules Hoists Ltd n Inventys n Silver Lining Storage Solutions n Speed O Controls Private Ltd FOR MORE INFORMATION READ THE PDF Erikkila aluminum crane enables unrestricted travel gear movement The rail geometry of the Prosystem aluminum crane made by the Finish hall crane manufacturer Erikkila features an internal conductor system and a collector above the travel gear. As a result, the travel gear provides unrestricted mobility. In comparison to other solutions the travel gear can be moved across the entire length of the rails. The modular end plate provides the power and hence equipment does not protrude into the operating range or working environment. Regardless of the application, be it moving, lifting or suspending goods: the aluminum cranes merely require one type of travel gear. This is enabled by the specially developed, swiveling travel gear supports that allow the travel gear to be fitted to bridges. The arrangement of the eight wheels stabilizes the travel gear in the crane rails, regardless of the forces caused by the system’s movements. An optionally available, patented safety wire operates as a safety element. It stabilizes the crane system’s travel gear in the crane rails, even in the event of unintended, incorrect operation or incorrect loading. Toshiba Tec printing system saves valuable resources Toshiba Tec has now fully developed the e-Studio306LP/RD30 printing system, featuring a function to re-use paper. According to a manufacturer statement, this innovation enables to cut the paper consumption, for instance in the picking department (picking lists), by up to 80 percent. The system consists of two components, the e-Studio306LP multifunction unit, operating with a special, blue toner and the e-Studio RD30 recycling unit, capable of rendering this special toner ink almost invisible. The unit thermally treats the paper to remove the ink. Any data on the sheets can be scanned and digitalized prior to recycling. The system automatically classifies documents. Fully recycled paper is sorted into one of two available cassettes for further processing. The system automatically sorts sheets showing traces of ball-point pen ink (which cannot be fully removed), or sheets that have been kinked or damaged, hence rendering them unsuitable for recycling, into the second cassette. One recycling unit can be linked to several e-Studio306LP units. 42 f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik supplies steel shelving for warehouse logistics in automotive production The internationally operating voestalpine group, based in Linz/Austria, supplies flat steel products and is an important partner of the European automotive industry. In this process, the development, production and processing of steel products and solutions must permanently face new, innovative challenges. Markets are demanding lighter, stronger and more corrosion-resistant parts and components. The voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik GmbH subsidiary, based in Krems/Austria specializes in warehouse-based logistics solutions and supplies steel structures for this purpose. The company also provided elements for the BMW production plant in Dingolfing/Germany. An automatic small parts warehouse to supply assembly lines was set up as part of expansion measures and voestalpine Krems Finaltechnik produced the rack construction. The two-level warehouse features 66 levels. The eighteen aisles spread across two tracks move the racking storage and retrieval vehicles to store and retrieve containers or cardboard boxes. The small parts warehouse’s steel structure also features a preliminary platform as well as one platform to transfer goods. A particular challenge during the assembly of the steel shelving was the confined assembly space. However, all benchmarks have been met. The company is also providing similar steel shelving to supply assembly lines for German BMW automotive plants in Regensburg and Leipzig. STANDARD BELT-DRIVEN LIFTING TABLE FOR SKILLED SYSTEMS Storage and retrieval units by Winkel – convincing space-saving design With the storage and retrieval systems of the Colibri model (Image) for containers and cartons and the Puma model for pallets and wire mesh crates, the company Winkel offers two innovative standard solutions that stand out especially for their streamlined and space-saving design, for being virtually vibrationfree, and for their high acceleration dynamics. With regard to the storage and retrieval systems, the drive solution has positive interlocked power transmission via cardan shaft, which directly reaches the toothed racks on the upper and lower rail guide. This loss-free type of drive prevents the device from swinging, which would otherwise occur during acceleration and deceleration and this would have to be compensated by the motor power. In this way, lighter and sturdier devices can be built. The storage and retrieval systems are equipped with an integrated safety brake system, which reacts reliably once the device has overrun a certain point in the aisle. In this way, the hydraulic buffers, which are usually attached to the end of a warehouse aisle, are no longer required. The operator or the system integrator can thus rely on the space, which would otherwise be needed for the buffers, in order to add more rack space. Furthermore, due to the space-saving drive system, the narrow hoist and innovative load handling devices, approach dimensions can be reduced to a minimum. The Colibri storage and retrieval system for containers, with a load capacity up to 100 kg, is designed for use in automated small parts warehouses with single or double-deep storage. It is available with different load handling devices. The Puma model is equipped with telescopic forks for single or double-deep storage. Special load handling devices are also available. SPINDLE-DRIVEN LIFTING TABLE FOR WORKPLACE LAYOUT AND THE USE IN A CONVEYOR SYSTEM BELT-DRIVEN DOUBLE-SCISSORS- LIFTING TABLE FOR THE HANDLING OF AGVS Eckendorfer Straße 115 -117 D- 33609 Bielefeld FON +49.(0)521.78 06-0 FAX +49.(0)521.78 06 -110 f+h Intralogistics 4/2014 43 Flexlift-Englsich.indd 1 26.08.2014 09:12:53


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