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f+h Intralogistics 4/2014

Cranes and hoists Tandem

Cranes and hoists Tandem crane meets strict safety regulations For a new measurement and control station the transmission system operator Gasunie needed an explosion proof crane with two in tandem controllable electric wire rope hoists. The crane construction company SMI Tech from Hanover constructed a crane system that meets the demands in this sensitive environment using hoists and crane components by Stahl Cranesystems. Gasunie is a Dutch gas transport company with natural gas pipelines in the Netherlands and North Germany. Its subsidiary „Gasunie Deutschland“ with its 3600 km network of high-pressure pipelines plays a significant role in the gas hub between North Germany and Northern Europe. Gasunie maintains eight compressor stations in Germany at intervals of 120 to 150 km, needed to equalise pressure lost during the transport of the gas. Due to its central location, the compressor station in Embsen near Bremen is the core of this network. By the end of 2014, Gasunie will have expanded the plant, which has existed since 1973, by a new metering and control station and more compressor stations. Natural gas arriving in Germany from the North Stream Baltic pipeline and the new NEL Northern European pipeline will be piped into the Gasunie network through it. It is essential for the consistency and density of the incoming gas to be tested, this will take place in the metering and control station currently under construction. 01 The wire rope hoists, designed for tandem operation, meet the strict requirements of ATEX and IECEx

Cranes and hoists Crane technology for hazardous areas demanded In the station, there is still no explosive gas, and also tubes are not installed in the small building. However, the strictest safety regulations already apply on the construction site of the measurement and control station: No-one works without protective equipment, flame-retardant clothing or without undergoing detailed safety briefings. The first tests with natural gas will take place in a few months‘ time before the station is commissioned at the end of the year. Once gas is in the pipes, explosion protection Zone 1 will be in force for this area. All applicable requirements and regulations for this zone regarding explosion protection, also affect the installed crane technology, which will be used to install and, later, to service the measuring and control systems. There are both electrical and non-electrical components in crane technology which could cause an explosion in an explosive environment. For this reason Stahl Cranesystems, Künzelsau, South Germany, produces equipment specially designed for use in areas subject to gas or dust explosions. All hoists and crane components come from the company‘s production plant in Künzelsau. They comply with the latest European ATEX (Atmosphère explosible) and international IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission […] Explosive Atmospheres) construction and safety regulations for explosive areas (Image 01 to 03). The crane system was designed, built and erected by SMI Tech GmbH, Hanover, Ger- About Stahl Cranesystems Stahl Cranesystems GmbH, with head offices in Künzelsau/Germany, has more than 130 years experience in crane construction. The manufacturer offers a full range of crane technology and crane components, including chain and rope hoists, winches, and light and small crane systems, as well as drive and control solutions. It is a world leader in explosion protected crane technology. Indeed, Stahl Cranesystems developed the first components for such applications as far back as 1926, thus contributing to today’s industrial standards. The company manufactures its products primarily at the Künzelsau plant, but has other manufacturing facilities in Germany as well as foreign subsidiaries. It has 800 employees worldwide. many, who were also responsible for calculating the crane runways and supplying and erecting other explosion-protected manual chain hoists with curved runways. Stahl Cranesystems‘ experienced crane building partner was once again able to showcase its expertise in complete, ready-for-use systems in hazardous areas. “Our customised Ex crane is a radio-controlled suspension crane with two explosion-protected wire rope hoists which can be operated individually or in tandem as required”, Bernhard Pecho, Managing Director of SMI Tech, explains the distinctive features of this project. The SH 40 ex electric wire rope hoists from Stahl Cranesystems are designed for maximum working loads of 3.2 t. Jens Panzner, Stahl Cranesystems sales engineer, who assisted SMI Tech to implement the project, adds: “Wireless controls for crane systems in hazardous areas have been rare up to now. And there are not many manufacturers able to design a tandem crane for hazardous areas in compliance with the current standards of the EC Machinery Directive.” High requirements As a Dutch state-owned enterprise, Gasunie by its own account aspires to the highest standards in the fields of safety, reliability, efficiency and sustainability. The company demanded equally high standards from SMI tech‘s crane system. Gasunie specified design in accordance with the new crane standards DIN EN 13001 and DIN EN 15011, introduced in Germany in September 2012. SMI tech and Stahl Cranesystems completed a comparable project in another North German compressor station in the autumn of 2013. Other projects could follow. Pecho adds: “With our experience in crane building and Stahl Cranesystems‘ field-proven crane technology we can produce standard and off-standard cranes to the highest standards. There are always plenty of interesting opportunities for us, particularly in the field of explosion protection.” Photos: Stahl Cranesystems 02 The used travel motors are also executed in explosion-protected design 03 In flameproof enclosure crane control unit and radio receiver are securely isolated f+h Intralogistics 4/2014 41


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