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f+h Intralogistics 2/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 2/2016


WAREHOUSING Optimizing processes We expect the retrofit to increase the availability of the system and to lower operating costs Joachim Koch, Manager of Warehousing / Transportation at Vacuumschmelze in Hanau 03 Data collected using measuring light curtains is used to determine the type of storage required About PSI Technics Founded in 2005, PSI Technics specializes in developing and distributing innovative solutions for production and intralogistics. The company focuses on industrial positioning systems, industrial image processing, thermal protection enclosures for sensitive sensors, optimization, modernization and retrofitting, including motion analyses and virtual modeling. PSI Technics works on a global level with renowned partners such as Volkswagen, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Boeing, SKF or AK Steel. The Simatic S7-317F programmable logic control units are used for the primary process controls and to operate the racking storage and retrieval vehicles. The system is operated via a WinCC client/server solution. The drive of the transport and lifting drives is operated via Simotics-1PH8 asynchronous motors controlled by Sinamics-S120 frequency converters. Their active line modules generate a controlled intermediate circuit voltage and are regenerative. Profinet is the new bus system that connects the decentralized peripheral devices to the controllers. WLAN could, however, not be integrated into the design as a large number of strong permanent magnets are often stored in the warehouse. The data from the individual control units and subsystems is thus transmitted contactlessly by Profinet via DDLS data transmission units. The Aratec system from PSI Technics is used to position the racking storage and retrieval vehicles. The programmable logic control unit transmits the target stations and movement commands via Profinet to the positioning system, which has saved the corresponding coordinates and specifies the speed for the frequency converters via the target values. The absolute values of the laser distance measuring devices are imported via the SSI interface. The positioning system is able to automatically characterize and memorize the machine behavior. This means that the movement sequences of the machine can be controlled optimally regardless of the load and speed. The system is fitted with energy optimization software (FLP6000EOS) for the time-optimized movement processes between the driving- and lifting axis. The brake controls integrated in the frequency converters are released via the digital outputs of the positioning system. A movement analysis that was completed before and after the retrofit using Aratec-FLP6000MA software illustrated graphically that the handling of the racking storage and retrieval vehicles had significantly improved. Overshooting during the acceleration processes on the transport and lifting axis and the number of load changes when starting and stopping have been eliminated. This subsequently reduces the amount of mechanical wear and increases the service life. In addition, the positioning time for each trip was reduced by 4.5 s on the transport axis and by one second on the lifting axis. New functionalities make work easier As part of the modernization, the aim was to rework functions such as the contour checks, weighing and operational processes, and to update them to the latest state of the art. At the same time, the single channel, conventional safety technology was replaced with a multichannel wiring system on fail-safe PLC assemblies. During storage and retrieval operations, a distinction is made between seven different pallet types depending on the pallet feet, weight and dimensions. Measuring light curtains (Image 03) check the pallets and save their height dimensions while light barriers scan the pallet feet. The weight of the load carriers is determined with the help of Siwarex U weighing cells. The weight, height and pallet type parameters can then be used to determine the type of storage and compare it with the values specified by SAP. The printed DMC code then provides information about the storage location, material number and batch, unit quantity and volume. Access control is granted by muting the light arrays. The pallet is scanned by sensors to safely differentiate between the material flow and humans. “Before the modernization, an operator had to climb up three to four times a week because one of the pallets had become stuck. Manual operation also could not be reproduced as this also caused the system to crash. The new software ensures that the retrieval vehicle is positioned more directly and accurately. And the operator now only has to climb up once every six months,” explains Koch. Photographs: Heitec f+h Intralogistics 2/2016

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