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f+h Intralogistics 1/2015

Product News Barcode

Product News Barcode positioning system refined further for connectivity The BPS 300i barcode positioning system from Leuze Electronic has included an integrated Profinet interface since its first release. It now also includes Profibus and SSI interfaces. RS232 and RS485 interfaces are expected to be released shortly. The integrated bus interfaces enable the device to be parameterized directly via the control system. This saves money on the connector units that would otherwise be required. In industry, Profibus-DP and Profinet are used for the fast communication between control systems and sensors/actuators. The synchronous serial interface (SSI) is an interface, for example, for position measuring systems that provide absolute information about the position by means of serial data transmission. The modularity of the barcode positioning systems enables them to be fitted with various connection techniques, integrated LED display and integrated heating for applications at up to -35°C. Roller axles from Faigle increase quiet running and energy efficiency The company, Faigle, is bringing new roller axles for conveying systems to the market. The new roller axle enables the steel bolts to be replaced with plastic ones. This reduces the acoustic load as the axles acoustically insulate the sorting cart from the rollers. This guarantees excellent vibrations and noise damping. While the steel axle weighs around 150 g, the plastic roller axle only weighs 18.1 g. These new roller axles enable operators to use harder rollers. This reduces the amount of friction and thus the energy consumption. Areas of application for the roller axles made of plastic include, amongst other things, baggage sorting systems in airports and distribution systems in distribution centers. In this regard, the cost savings and long service are decisive factors for the operator. The Centrick turn/tilt manipulator facilitates ergonomic assembly work With the Centrick turn/tilt manipulator from Schreiber Metalltechnik und Maschinenbau GmbH, users can continuously tilt an object of almost any shape from 0 to 90° and turn it by 360°. Two laterally reversed hinged brackets realize the kinematic principle and tilt the workpiece around a virtual axis without the center of gravity of the layout changing significantly. This ensures that the assembly space of the manipulator is kept to a minimum and that the workpiece can be positioned ergonomically so that it can be processed effortlessly from all sides by the worker. The clever utilization of the load ratios ensures that Centrick operates cost effectively and energy efficiently. The manipulator is stable even when a full load is applied and does not need to be secured to the warehouse floor. The design with rollers ensures that the handling device can simply be moved to the site of application. The manipulator is available in two designs, the A500 (Image) with a workpiece weight of up to 500 kg and the A2000 with a workpiece weight of up to 2,000 kg. Schreiber also manufactures applicationspecific designs in which the construction height and configuration of the installation can be adjusted. The manipulator is either controlled via a pendant control panel connected via a cable or, in version “P”, the manufacturer provides a programmable control unit with input via a touch panel and storage options for comprehensive position sequences. 42 f+h Intralogistics 1/2015

Unicarriers presents Tergo UFW multidirectional forklift Type Tergo UFW multidirectional forklifts manufactured by Unicarriers have been designed to meet requirements when transporting and stacking long items and palettes. The vehicle generates the same output as a heavy duty forklift reach truck. The distance between the forks can be increased hydraulically as standard, so that lifting and transporting different loads is not a problem. A good view through the mast and driver’s overhead guard ensure that the driver of the industrial truck has excellent visibility on all sides. With the help of an additional rear view camera, the ends of the load are fully visible thus ensuring precise handling of the load. The forklift combines the characteristics of a multidirectional forklift and heavy-duty forklift reach truck in one model. The width of the forks can be adjusted hydraulically from 560 to 1,550 or, optionally, up to 2,220 mm as standard. With a maximum load capacity of 2,500 kg, a lifting height of up to 9,700 mm (both UFW 250 models) and a max. speed of 13 km/h, the Tergo UFW guarantees a high level of working efficiency even when handling palettes. The steering wheels can, if necessary, be controlled individually to ensure maneuverability in tight storage aisles. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the hydraulic control lever, the direction of travel can be switched from transverse to longitudinal drive within a second. This ensures that long goods can be handled quickly while saving space in cramped warehouses. Symphony EYC launches app for voice-controlled warehousing The company Symphony EYC, a supplier of software and IT service solutions, has released a new version of its “G.O.L.D Warehouse Voice Operations”. This has been developed for Android mobile devices and works without auxiliary equipment for voice-controlled picking. The mobile end device is carried in a pocket of the “Vocal Vest”. The vest also includes all of the auxiliary equipment required for voice-controlled picking. External devices, such as headsets, are not required. Eliminating the standard hardware used for warehouse communication reduces the fixed costs and time spent training employees. Comfort at the workplace is increased for warehouse staff. The current version of the app is the third generation of the warehouse communication technology provided by Symphony EYC. Sinochron motors from ABM Greiffenberger ensure greater efficiency in the area of intralogistics The Sinochron motors from ABM Greiffenberger are meeting the increased demands for effective intralogistic solutions. The highly dynamic motors save energy, and boast excellent control characteristics. The intralogistics solution will involve more than two thirds of the drives operated under partial load. This means that the torque supplied by the motor will be only briefly utilized in full for starting the load. The drives will then generally run with just 20 to 30 % of the nominal load. And this is exactly what makes the Sinochron drive so impressive. A permanently energized synchronous motor is crucial here, with next to no rotor losses. Its impressive efficiency, above all in the partial-load range, has been achieved with the use of high-quality neodymium-iron-boron magnets which prevent the rotor losses. The ABM development also features high power density, and a smaller construction volume compared to the asynchronous motor. The constructionally simple and thus sturdy design, as well as the omission of the mechanical speed sensor and cabling, guarantee the reliability of the Sinochron motor even under the harshest of environmental conditions, for example in deep freeze storage. f+h Intralogistics 1/2015 43


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