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f+h Intralogistics 1/2015


LOGISTICS SERVICE JF Hillebrand and Trans Ocean – suppliers for special logistics solutions in Turkey The JF Hillebrand Group, located in Mainz/Germany, operates a number of highly specialized companies. Besides offering first class logistics services the companies of the JF Hillebrand Group also lead the way in the development of leading edge products, services and IT tools for the industries in which they operate. The Group runs two key brands: JF Hillebrand specializing in beverage logistics, and Trans Ocean as a specialist in flexitank bulk logistics. Both JF Hillebrand and Trans Ocean are represented in Turkey by their local agent, with offices in Izmir and Istanbul. Turkey is a developing market, with significant potential to grow in the forthcoming years both in terms of import and export. Turkey’s geographical position in the Eastern Mediterranean, between Europe and the Middle East, makes it a strategic market. When transporting precious wines and liquors, the global beverage industry is relying on the comprehensive logistics services of the JF Hillebrand Group. Since 1844, the company has been dedicated solely to the efficient and cost-effective logistics of beverages. Today, after 175 years of constant trading, JF Hillebrand works with some of the world’s leading About JF Hillebrand Group retailers, beverage producers, wineries and bwreweries to manage the global support of beverages. Their solutions cover full service transport management (seafreight, overland transport, airfreight), as well as highly specialized solutions designed around the unique requirements of beverages – such as temperature control systems and container safety devices. Trans Ocean is the largest flexitank operator in the world. Formed in 1984, the company has been providing unrivalled bulk logistics solutions and innovative flexitank products to clients across the chemical, oil, pharmaceutical and food industries. Combining very good expertise in the design and use of flexitanks with world-class systems and service standards, Trans Ocean delivers Founded in Mainz/Germany in 1844, the JF Hillebrand Group’s companies have offices in 53 countries around the world. Their diverse group of employees represent over 50 nationalities speaking more than 60 languages. The annual turnover of the group exceeds $ 1.2 billion. The group moves more than 550,000 TEU and processes over 640,000 orders per year. The JF Hillebrand Group is present in Turkey, which is a growing market bridging Europe and the Middle East. tailored logistics solutions to meet the diverse and evolving requirements of their customers. Trans Ocean’s flexitank systems are suitable for foodstuffs and a wide range of non-hazardous industrial liquids. The flexitanks are halal and kosher certified, as well as complying with all necessary safety and environmental regulations. Trans Ocean provides worldwide technical support for their flexitank systems and offers full service from source to destination. Flexitank solutions for importers and exporters The company’s flexitank solutions comprise technical as well as logistical aspects, and they frequently come up with innovative solutions that enhance clients supply chains. For example, a customer needed a constant supply of a heat-sensitive bio product with a melting point of about 50°C. The product supplier usually shipped in batches, but his customer didn’t have enough storage capacity at his plant. Trans Ocean developed a heating system that allowed the product to be heated and stored off-site. Their IT system provides the supplier and the customer with full visibility of the supply chain and allows them to fully control their on-time delivery. 36 f+h Intralogistics 1/2015

and Intralogistics LOGISTICS SERVICE Turkey is an increasingly important market for JF Hillebrand and Trans Ocean. So both companies are expanding their service portfolio for importers and exporters. The country is also a major importer of vegetable oil, palm oil and sunflower oil, which can be easily transported in Trans Ocean’s flexitank systems. Also bulk chemicals used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and homecare industry can be transported in Trans Ocean’s RhinoBulk flexitank. In terms of beverage logistics, Turkey also exports wines and beers. With 600 to 1,200 indigenous grape varieties winemakers here are spoilt for choice when it comes to blends and production. Around 60 varieties are currently produced, including semillon, riesling, muscat, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. In addition to the export of wines, Turkey also is an exporter of water, soft drinks, fruit juices and beer. The logistics services for this can also provided by JF Hillebrand. With a global office network in 87 countries worldwide, JF Hillebrand and Trans Ocean are present in each of the key desti- nations for Turkish exporters. Both can help companies from across Turkey to get their products to new markets, be it by road, rail or sea. “We are sure that our innovative products will convince our customers in Turkey”, said Bernd Jordan, responsible Area Director for this region who is based in Mainz/Germany. Photo: JF Hillebrand Intralogistics Trade magazine for material flow and material management 12 CeMAT Asia 2013: The intralogistics industry meets in Shanghai i n T e r n AT i o n A l e d i T i o n 7 october 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: 30 Cross-Belt employees place the items on Crisplant’s Sorter 38 50 port The viaspeed stacker crane allows high speed operations Continental’s tyres are a key factor for efficient logistics in cooperation with Materials Handling f+h Intralogistics 1/2015 37


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