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f+h Intralogistics 1/2015


GLOBAL BUSINESS I INTERVIEW Continuous growth promotes investment in Turkey f+h Intralogistics interviews Wilfried Baur, the Managing Director of Jungheinrich Turkey For decades, Germany has by far been Turkey’s largest economic partner. The most important German export goods include machines, electrical goods, vehicles, and components for the automotive industry. Reason enough to talk to Wilfried Baur, the Managing Director of Jungheinrich Istif Makinalari San. Ve. Tic.Ltd.Sti, about the economic importance of the country and its importance as a logistic gateway between Europe and Asia, as well as the requirement for industrial trucks Turkey has achieved considerable economic growth in the last few years. To what do you attribute the positive economic development of the country? One of the main reasons for the economic growth in recent years is without doubt down to the young and dynamic population. During the last elections there was no change to the political direction, which ensured continued economic development in Turkey. This in turn has a longterm effect on the increase in foreign investments and the rate of employment. Following the political turmoil in years prior to this, confidence in the economic development of Turkey has been restored. Nowadays, Turkey offers investors safe and attractive framework conditions. 10 f+h Intralogistics 1/2015

and Intralogistics INTERVIEW I GLOBAL BUSINESS The economic importance of Turkey goes hand in hand with its position as a logistic gateway between Europe and Asia. Where do you believe Turkey is positioned in terms of its development as a logistic location? The economic development, especially in Asian countries, has increased rapidly. Investors and European companies have been active there more many years now. When you look at a map of the world, it is clear that Turkey forms a link between the European and Asian market. A lot of international companies now take advantage of this logistic location. From the perspective of the Turkish intralogistics user market, can you pinpoint any key industries? Especially in the last few years, automated warehouse systems have been successfully introduced in Turkey. This in turn has attracted further investments. A lot of companies are currently focusing on automated warehouses and are therefore making medium- to long-term investment plans. As oil prices are currently low, we are expecting the logistic sector to grow. In this sense, 2015 is sure to be a significant year for a lot of logistic companies. Jungheinrich has been in business in Turkey since 2000. What corporate strategy objectives have been and remain behind the commitment? particularly applies to our after sales service. In Turkey, our customer service team alone consists of thirty employees. That equates to around 30% of our workforce in the country. This figure alone, highlights the importance of our after sales service. With an extensive portfolio of industrial trucks as well as the Sparte logistic system, Jungheinrich offers a wide range of applications. Do Turkish operators prefer forklifts or conveying systems? It is safe to say that the Turkish market predominantly used and still uses forklifts. However, interesting developments can be observed in the intralogistics industry. Due to rapid technical developments and an increased focus on costs over the entire life cycle of a vehicle or an intralogistics solution, more and more companies are now opting for system-based solutions. Jungheinrich is excellently positioned in this regard and can provide the best possible advice regardless of the customer’s level of automation. What do you believe is special about the Turkish intralogistics user market? The Turkish market has developed very positively and continues to expand. Furthermore, Turkey is not just an attractive production location for large European companies, but as previously mentioned, it is also a transit country towards Asia. Goods are not just shipped within Turkey but are increasingly shipped via Turkey. This is why Turkey has become a fundamental and indispensable logistic hub for Turkish manufacturers and international companies. What business objectives has Jungheinrich set itself in Turkey for the coming years? When it comes to electrically driven vehicles, Jungheinrich has been the market leader in Turkey for many years. To further increase our market share in Turkey over the coming years, we will focus on diesel forklifts and torque converters, as well as hydrostatic and narrow aisle trucks with racking systems. In addition, we will be expanding the hire market sector providing short- and long-term rental options, as well as the second hand market sector. Thank you for talking to us. Wilfried Baur was interviewed by Reiner Wesselowski, publisher of f+h Intralogistics Image: Jungheinrich Jungheinrich consistently aligns its actions with customer requirements - of course the same applies in Turkey. On the one hand, the satisfaction of our customers is down to our efficient and environmentally-friendly vehicles and, on the other hand, of course down too our solution-orientated approach. All of this strengthens the relationships with our customers and makes Jungheinrich a reliable partner. This About Jungheinrich Jungheinrich is one of the world’s leading companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. As a manufacturing service and solution provider in the field of intralogistics, the company, based in Hamburg, Germany, supports its customers with a comprehensive product range that includes forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and consulting. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges. Intralogistics Trade magazine for material flow and material management 12 CeMAT Asia 2013: The intralogistics industry meets in Shanghai i n T e r n AT i o n A l e d i T i o n 7 october 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: 30 Cross-Belt employees place the items on Crisplant’s Sorter 38 50 port The viaspeed stacker crane allows high speed operations Continental’s tyres are a key factor for efficient logistics in cooperation with Materials Handling f+h Intralogistics 1/2015 11


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