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Automation Technologies 5/2016

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Automation Technologies 5/2016


Marine-certified solutions for every application Marine-certified solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs are deployed on tankers, oil rigs, and floating liquefied natural gas facilities (FLNGs) all over the world. Decades worth of experience in explosion protection and the oil and gas industry have provided the ideal foundation on which to develop this product that is tailor-made for harsh environmental conditions. Storms, extreme temperatures, sea water, oil, and dirt are just some of the factors that take their toll on the material and devices on the high seas. Technology used for this purpose must be able to withstand extreme weather conditions, corrosion, and vibrations in continuous use. However, these harsh ambient conditions are not the only challenge. Highly flammable materials have to be transported, processed, and monitored at each process step. A robust, resistant design, maximum levels of performance, and reliability are crucial factors. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide portfolio of solutions that are specifically designed for this demanding process environment. Marine certifications from renowned accreditation bodies such as Det Norske Veritas/Germanischer Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd’s Register, and the American Bureau of Shipping prove this. One of the fundamental requirements that marine-certified products must meet to achieve this certification is enhanced electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), particularly marine radio. As part of the certification, distinctions are also made based on the exact operating location and the prevailing conditions. For example, for applications in enclosed areas, the challenges are increased vibration loads, increased heat development, air-conditioning, or a lack of heating. There are also special requirements on the open deck, in areas with increased exposure to the cold, or in the area around the mast. Solutions for the challenging conditions at sea Tankers and FLNGs clearly demonstrate just how important it is to have reliable signal transmission at sea. Flammable substances are transported or subjected to other processing steps on board, such as cleaning or liquefaction. It is vital that the pressure, temperature, and flow rate is monitored throughout all of these steps. Pepperl+Fuchs offers solutions across all product groups that are marine certified and specially designed for demanding process environments. For example, the company’s inclination and acceleration sensors are installed to monitor the inclination angle, the acceleration values, or the vibration of machine components on tankers and FLNGs. The sensors record the acceleration values of sensitive system components or the inclination of crane equipment and platforms. Standard proximity switches with and without explosion protection certification safeguard hazardous and other areas via end position monitoring, position monitoring, and presence monitoring of flaps, doors, anchors, or gangways. With dual sensors for monitoring valves, the position of manually or pneumatically operated valves can be monitored to the same extent as electrically operated fittings and valve actuators. At sea they are used for end position monitoring, position monitoring, and presence monitoring of moving parts, such as pumps, cylinders, and motors. The intrinsically safe Namur sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are used for position feedback in explosion-hazardous areas to reliably detect the position of valves. Similarly, rotary encoders developed specifically for the maritime sector enable precise detection and targeted control of rotational movements on board. Remote I/O components are also used in a wide range of marine applications. One such application is the monitoring of process parameters, such as temperature and pressure, during the regasification of liquefied gas. With the most compact modular systems on the market, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a solution that can be used in the tightest of spaces. The tried-and-tested, robust 4 to 20 mA interface technology is installed in fire and gas systems. Signal conditioners, Zener barriers, and isolated barriers facilitate reliable signal INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2016

About Pepperl + Fuchs Pepperl+Fuchs is a worldwide company with its headquarters in Mannheim, Germany. They manufacture products for Factory and Process Automation and are specialists in sensor manufacturing. With revenues more than € 500 million and nearly 5,600 employees world wide, the company has more than 40 foreign subsidiaries on six continents, and manufacturing facilities. 01 The FieldConnex power supplies, segment protectors, and fieldbarriers are intended for use in maritime applications transmission between the position detectors and the control unit via point-to-point connections. Highly compact and completely certified Fieldbus technology is ideal for use on board. The reduced amount of cabling resulting from using two-wire cable instead of multicore cable is lighter and takes up less space. This also applies to the complete marine-certified components in the FieldConnex portfolio from Pepperl+Fuchs. The FieldConnex power supplies, Segment Protectors, and FieldBarriers are currently the most lightweight and compact solutions of their kind—tailor-made for the limited space available on board. Given that a high level of maintenance cannot always be provided on the high seas, the comprehensive diagnostic options and preventive fault detection included in the fieldbus infrastructure components are particularly impressive features. For example, bounce protection, wire breakage monitoring, and short circuit monitoring bring the fault under control automatically, preventing negative effects on the system. The user can then intervene at an early stage if necessary and find a solution. This reduces downtime and costs and increases runtimes at sea significantly. HMI components are also widely used at sea. One example of how they are used is as a user interface to monitor the pressure, level, and temperature of liquefied gas during loading, transportation, and unloading operations. Pepperl+Fuchs offers suitable solutions for every application in non-explosion-hazardous areas or explosion-hazardous areas. In addition, marshalling cabinets with the required IP protection and control cabinets are tailormade and available pre-wired for all types of protection. Your ready-to-use delivery enables quick and error-free installation, thereby reducing idle times. On-site maintenance worldwide If faults occur when you are at sea, it is vital that you get quick help from expert specialists. With facilities and branches in more than 140 countries, Pepperl+Fuchs guarantees that if such scenarios occur, a specialist will quickly be with you on site. For example, if the schedule for a sea trial is threatened by a problem, experts will be waiting for you at the dock when you next enter port to make sure that the boat can continue its journey without delay. It is becoming more and more common for users to want complete solutions from a single source, even in the maritime sector. That is why, in eight Solution Engineering Centers (SECs) around the world, the company is offering support from expert employees - from the initial planning steps to commissioning a new plant. Photographs: Pepperl+Fuchs 02 Remote I/O components are used in a wide range of marine applications AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2016


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