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Automation Technologies 5/2014

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Automation Technologies 5/2014

Industrial Communication

Industrial Communication Quality cheese production with AS-i communication Fromagerie Bel markets its five star brands,La Vache qui Rit, Mini Babybel, Kiri, Leerdammer, Boursin, as well as other local brands with a strong image, on five continents. The Group recently approached for an industrial project at its Cléry- le- Petit site in the Meuse, which processes 110 million litres of milk and produces 12,000 tonnes of cheese per year. Indeed, designs and installations of numerous systems based on tried and tested technologies were used to produce various kinds of cheese. Its equipment is currently used in cheese production processes marketed throughout the world. How to enrich the protein value At its Cléry-le-Petit site in the Meuse, Fromagerie Bel wanted to add an extra protein constituent to the milk collected locally to guarantee consistent quality of the cheese produced. A new system based on fieldbus controlled hygienic process valves was installed. Bürkert supplied 180 control heads to be fitted to the valves. These instruments support AS-i communication. To solve this problem, new vats were installed. Flow management is handled by fieldbus controlled valves. Bürkert, manufacturer of measuring and flow control equipment, supplied the series 8681 control heads, offering control and diagnostic safety thanks to the remote visualization of the position of the valve. Among others, it is possible to eliminate water hammer in the pipework thanks to the opening and closing speed settings of the valve. Furthermore, IP 65/67 tightness in accordance with the EN60529 standard is guaranteed by the fact that the control head is no longer opened on site after commissioning (magnetic control key) and thanks to its pressurization. These instruments also offer the possibility of AS-i communication. This project has thus enabled the standardization of the control heads on every valve used on the site. In total, 180 control heads were supplied. AS-Interface (Actuator Sensor Interface, AS-i) is an industrial networking solution used in automation systems. It is designed for connecting simple field I/O devices in discrete manufacturing and process applications using a 2-conductor cable. Control heads for aseptic environments The series 8681 control head was developed for the decentralized automation of sanitary globe, butterfly and ball process valves. It complements the control heads, digital positioners and process controllers by AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2014

Industrial Communication Bürkert and is used to equip automation facilities for the dairy and other food and beverage industries. This universally adaptable control head is particularly suited to aseptic environments thanks to its hygienic design, its protection rating and its resistance to chemical cleaning products. In the context of decentralized automation concepts with fieldbus communication protocols, the control head executes all pneumatic commands, position feedback functions and diagnostics. Depending on the process valve, it can control up to three pneumatic chambers separately. The positions of the process valve are checked by the control head via an inductive analogue position sensor. After installing the control head on the valve actuator, the positions of the valve are determined automatically by a teach-in function, which eliminates any need for configuration and manual adjustments. The opening/closing time of each pneumatic chamber is checked and adjusted individually for two circulation directions thanks to a flow limiter function integrated in the pilot solenoid valve. Moreover, a check valve prevents opening/closing of the valve in the event of back pressure. Independently of the electric power supply, each pilot solenoid valve can be switched manually with a manual mechanical control. The encoded and patented manual magnetic control is used during valve maintenance to switch the actuator without having to open the control head, which prevents any pollution inside the head. In addition to the electrical duplication of the valve positions in the controller, a large format visual luminous color display unit signals valve positions, operating errors, anomalies in communication with the bus, mechanical blockages in the valve, etc. Internal diagnostic data are signaled visually, archived in the memory and can be read in detail with a smart phone or PC. Instant visual diagnostics The decentralized automation of process valves offers a number of advantages. Compared with a About Company name: AS-Association Headquarters: Gelnhausen, Germany Membership: more than 350 member companies worldwide, established: 1991 Products: industrial network solution for automation systems Flow management is ensured by valves, controlled by fieldbuses solenoid valve block in a centralized control cabinet, control heads mounted directly on to the actuator simplify planning, installation, start-up and maintenance by reducing the connections required. The switching time and consumption of pilot air are minimized thanks to very short pipes between the pilot solenoid valve in the control head and the pneumatic actuator. The control head enables instant visual diagnostics of valve status by color coding (Open/Closed/Error) that can be seen from 100 m distance. Designed using hard-wearing synthetic materials, it enables preventive maintenance thanks to the archiving of usable data on PC. The useful life of the system is increased by an inductive non-contact sensor, as well as by the IP 67 protection rating, pressurization and self-ventilation of the head. Communication is easy thanks to Bluetooth via smart phone and/or PC. The hygienic design eradicates any risk of external contamination. Maintenance is safe and facilitated by external magnetic activation. Start-up times are reduced by the self-setting limit switches with autotune function. Switching is secure thanks to the pneumatic solenoid valves. photographs: teaser fotolia AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 5/2014


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