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Automation Technologies 4/2015

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Automation Technologies 4/2015

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News and Markets Camera Manufacturer Basler enhances Sales Presence in the Benelux Countries Basler strengthens its presence in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg by bringing in Cor Valk as Business Development and Sales Manager. This enhancement reflects the importance of these countries for Basler. These countries are among the most important European markets for the machine vision industry. Valk offers more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Business Development as well as nine years in product management. His résumé includes positions at international corporations such as Omron and Sick, where he was involved in sales and opening up new markets within a technical environment. During that period he gained extensive expertise in the industrial automation and sensor technology fields. Valk will work together with Basler‘s exclusive distributor DVC Machinevision B.V. providing better support for local customers and developing new potential sales. Herfried Beckdorf, Head of European Sales at Basler, is glad to have Cor joining Basler Hansford Sensors new office in Germany Solutions and Services for your Company’s Success EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS TO GERMANY AND EUROPE Business Development Marketing & Sales consultancy and services Financing Industry networks For further information please contact WIRTSCHAFTSFÖRDERUNG hannoverimpuls Hansford Sensors, the manufacturer of industrial accelerometers, has opened a new office in Germany in response to growing business and increasing demand for vibration monitoring solutions in the region. The new office in Herzogenrath in Aachen, Germany, is responsible for delivering customer and technical support to both new and existing customers operating in a variety of industrial sectors, such as metals, marine, food and drink, pharmaceuticals, mining and wind power. By establishing a base in Germany, the manufacturing and engineering powerhouse of Europe, the company can further enhance their business, product offerings and customer support. As a result of its strong performance and rising demands for the vibrations monitoring systems in the foreign markets the office in Germany is a part of the company’s expansion programme in the Western Europe AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2015 Hannoverimpuls.indd 1 13.03.2015 08:18:34

Endress+Hauser acquisitions in Columbia After two decades serving the Columbian market, to fortify the Endress+Hauser brand even further, the company is acquiring 100 % of the process automation business of Colsein Ltda., its longtime sales and service partner in Bogotà. “With a population of almost 50 million, Columbia is one of South America‘s largest growth market” explains Michael Ziesemer, COO of the Endress+Hauser Group. To date, the Swiss measurement and process automation specialist has been represented by local partner Colsein Ltda. To gain additional market share and fortify the Endress+Hauser brand even further in the country, Colsein’s process automation business will be transferred to a new Endress+Hauser sales subsidiary on 1 January 2016. The company will continue to maintain its headquarters in the capital city of Bogotà. Gabriel Navas, founder and managing director of Colsein, will stay on as a member of the board. “We’re pleased that we can rely on a skilled team of employees in Columbia who have worked hard to establish the Endress+Hauser brand in the country,” says Michael Ziesemer. Providing unmatched precision. Delivering Providing 360° unmatched performance. precision. Advancing Delivering intuitive 360° performance. control. Advancing intuitive control. R2000 Detection 2DR2000 Laser Detection Scanner 2D 2D 2DLaser Scanner R2000 Detection – Object detection as easy it can be R2000 Detection – – Object – detection as easy easy easy it can it can it be can be be Stable, wobble-free scanning axis for precise field monitoring Stable, wobble-free scanning axis axis axis for for for precise field field field monitoring Highest angular resolution on the market allows detection of extremely small objects Highest angular resolution on on the on the the market allows detection of of of extremely small small small objects User-defined detection fields make configuration simple, intuitive, and user friendly User-defined detection fields fields fields make make make configuration simple, intuitive, and and user and user user friendly


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