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Automation Technologies 4/2015

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Automation Technologies 4/2015


INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION Operating and control device, positions cranes safely Author: Dr. Jörg Lantzsch is free author in Wiesbaden Germany Jörg Lantzsch Whilst operating mobile processing machines, e.g. in logistics applications, ergonomics has a particular meaning when it comes to the operation of mobile processing machines, e.g. in logistics. Operating elements must be perfectly placed and machine conditions visualised best possibly. A globally active specialist for mobile automatisation chooses the most modern operating devices with touch operation for its control stands. The operation of a big crane, e.g. in port logistics puts a high demand on the personnel. Heavy loads must be moved from large heights with high precision. During such applications the control stands are very complex and therefore a possibly easy operation is required. The medium-sized family enterprise Spohn & Burkhardt‘s electro technical factory, which was founded in 1920 by Karl Spohn and David Burkhardt, is a global player for control switches / joysticks and complete control stands. The broad series programme of Spohn & Burkhardt, which includes switches, resistors, starters and control devices is rounded up 01 Control stands are used in the operation of mobile machines, e.g. in the agricultural and municipal sector and in shipbuilding by individual variation and combination possibilities of all products according to customer requirement. One of the specialties of the medium-sized company is customer-specific control stands for different transportation machines, construction, containers and vessel cranes. Comfortable and ergonomic seats with integrated foot rests, which can be adjusted easily, provide relaxed working. The most important operating elements, which are necessary for crane operation, are stored in the side consoles of the control stands. From the simple switch to the touch display The equipment of the operating consoles of the side consoles can be chosen from a wide range of possible components. These ranges from simple switches and buttons to ergonomic master switches and up to complete solutions. The assembly of visualisation elements in control consoles is a further possibility. Among others the compact operating and control device D1000 of Graf-Syteco is used. Entries of the AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2015

02 The display integrated in the console of a control stand can be used for simple visualisation tasks About Company name: Graf-Syteco GmbH & Co. KG Headquarters: Tuningen, Germany Products: modular HMI operating systems in mobile machines and complex production facilities for industrial operations operator can be directly realised at the display by the integrated touch buttons. Visualisation of the machine conditions Thomas Scharmach, project engineer, in-charge for the equipment of the control stands at Spohn & Burkhardt says “In many applications the visualisation of machine conditions is very important”. Typical examples for visualisation tasks, which could be required in a crane, are the display of the wind load or the present height of the load. Visualisations contribute also to an increased safety. Video cameras can show areas, which are outside of the visibility of the machine operator. For instance, the visualisation enables also a diagnosis to check the function of the master switch directly at the work place. The deviation of the master switch can be displayed as bar graph. By this it is very simple to perform troubleshooting. Unified Network Protocol simplifies engineering Different factors have been taken into consideration for Graf-Syteco in the selection of displays for control stands of Spohn & Burkhardt. The size of the D1000, which enables the easy assembly in the operating consoles, was crucial next to the reputation of the company as specialist for mobile automatisation. Components of Graf-Syteco in control stands were used in the past already. Thomas Scharmach mentions a further benefit: “The displays of Graf-Syteco support the network protocol SAE J1939, which we also used for our master switches.” The CAN-Bus based protocol is mostly applied in commercial vehicles and mobile working machines. The unified In a Nutshell With the assembly measurements of 96 x 96 mm at an assembly depth of 48 mm, the operating and control device D1000 of Graf-Syteco is compactly designed. The 3.5“ TFT display offers a high resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and can perfectly visualise also detail drawn presentations thereby. The control and operating device is operated with four touch buttons with status LED, which are located under the display. The consistent glass surface at the front complies with the protection type IP65. A high performance ARM processor with 64 MB RAM, 32 MB flash and 8 kB FRAM enables also the programming of complex control tasks. D1000 is available in four different versions, which differ in their interfaces. Optionally an internal slot for memory cards is also possible, by which the D1000 can also be used as data logger. Upon request also individual equipments are possible. Along with all devices Graf-Syteco provides the free of charge Software Graf-Design-Studio (GDS), by which the entire functions can be programmed comfortably. network protocol simplifies the engineering during the integration of components of different manufacturers. Photographs: Fotolia teaser, Graf-Syteco GmbH AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 4/2015


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