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Automation Technologies 3/2016

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Automation Technologies 3/2016

Non-contact temperature

Non-contact temperature measurement of extremely thin plastic films Temperature is a key physical variable for ensuring quality in the production of plastic film. The application of non-contact temperature measurement technology poses the challenge that films with a thickness of less than 1 mm are transparent for standard IR thermometers and consequently are not able to be measured. “We developed the optris CT P3 infrared thermometer, which measures in a narrow spectral range of 3.43 µm, in order to enable a precise temperature measurement of thinner films made of, for example, PE or PP,” explains Dr. Thomas Heinke, Head of Development at Optris. The optris CT P3 is a miniaturized and robust pyrometer in a solid casing, which is suited for OEMs. Without cooling, it can be used in environments of up to 75 °C and has protection class IP 65. The electronics are separate from the sensor head and have easily accessible programming buttons along with an LCD display. Selection options for the analog outputs are between 0/4-20 mA, 0-5 V, 0-10 V, thermic element version K or J. The digital outputs optionally available are USB, RS485, RS232 interface, relay outputs, CAN bus, Profibus DP or Ethernet. PRODUCT NEWS Intelligent robot cable contributes to preventive maintenance In the automation sector, the number and speed of machine movements, along with degree of networking in the factory is increasing. Due to Ethernet cables for e-chains, even the most complex applications can be networked reliably in the smart factory. Now, the next step is intelligent robot cable that warns users before a cable failure occurs. The large range of Ethernet cables developed by igus includes 27 types of copper cable and FOC as well as 422 pre-assembled Ethernet cables, all of which have optimum transmission qualities in moving applications. With this product range, igus covers the increasing variety of applications in the area of Industry 4.0 – from simple linear movement to complex 3D movements, and from the small bending radii to long travel distances. At Hannover Messe 2016, igus is presenting a moving cable that monitors itself. If certain parameters are exceeded during use, the cable gives a warning and does not wait until an actual failure occurs; the warning indicates that the cable must be replaced within the next 4 weeks. In this way, the cable makes a contribution towards preventive maintenance and thus to increased plant availability. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2016

Transponder-coded safety switch CEM-AR-C40 Euchner is expanding its range of transponder-coded safety switches by adding new variants with solenoid and integrated evaluation electronics. The new CEM-C40 is used in applications requiring guard locking for process protection. The solenoid achieves a locking force of 600 N and effectively prevents safety devices from being opened unintentionally. When the safety guard is closed, the transponder signals are evaluated in the safety switch. If the signals match, the 2 safe semiconductor outputs are switched. When controlling the solenoid, the guard locking is activated and the locking force is tested. If the force is >400 N, a status signal is transmitted to the control system. The CEM-C40 features adhesive-force adjustment with 3 levels from 0 to 50 N and prevents a safety door from opening unintentionally when guard locking is not active. The CEM-C40 features 2 x 4 LEDs in the housing, easily visible from all directions. Electrical connection is realized simply via plug connectors. For larger installations with several safety doors to be monitored, up to 20 CEM-AR- C40 devices or other Euchner AR products can be connected in series. New diaphragm pressure gauge for sanitary applications From hygienic case design to small process connections: WIKA has tailored its new PG43SA-S diaphragm pressure gauge to the requirements of sanitary applications. With this, there is now also a mechanical measuring instrument available for safe pressure monitoring in hygienic applications. Its measuring principle, with a flush welded diaphragm, enables mechanical pressure transmission, whereby the risk of product contamination through a transmission fluid is eliminated. As a result of its high overpressure safety, the instrument can also withstand critical process conditions. The operational flexibility of the PG43SA-S is supported through a large selection of small process connections − for example, to DIN 32676 (clamp) or to DIN 11864. Tested in accordance with 3-A Sanitary Standards, the pressure gauge with hygienic case is CIP, SIP and wash-down capable. It can thus be cleaned reliably and time-efficiently. An easily accessible zero adjustment on the top of the case enables calibration if needed. New laser profile scanner well suited for tiny target The Micro-Epsilon laser profile scanners are adapted to applications in quality control, production processes and automation. Their operating principle is based on the laser triangulation technique for 2-D profile detection. They detect, measure and evaluate the profiles on different object surfaces. In the case of moving objects or a traversing sensor, it is also possible to obtain 3D measurement values. The new scanControl 29xx-10/BL from Micro-Epsilon, enables high resolution measurements of extremely small objects. The scanner is equipped with a blue-violet laser diode and projects a 10 mm long laser line at a profile resolution of 1,280 measuring points onto the measurement object. This results in a point distance of just 7.8 µm. The blue laser line used is projected more sharply than the red one. It also allows higher stability, the blue laser light does not penetrate the measurement object due to the shorter wavelength of the blue-violet laser. Therefore, blue laser sensors enable better reliable measurements. The new laser profile scanner is used in applications where the highest precision and resolution are required, such as in the production of tablets and smartphones, USB connectors. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2016


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