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Automation Technologies 3/2015

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Automation Technologies 3/2015


COMPONENTS AND SOFTWARE Safe data transmission guaranteed Zhou Ming Through its Chinese production- and sales organization in Shanghai, the German connector- and housing manufacturer Escha offers a qualitative product portfolio for Industrial Ethernet applications providing for fast- and safe data-transmission speeds up to 10 Gbit/s. The M12x1 round connector with X-coding as well as the RJ45-connectors are respectively available in field-wireable- or overmolded variants. Moreover, the connectivity specialist offers a device connection and a PCB socket with X-coding as well. Author: Zhou Ming, Product Manager, Escha Automation Connectivity Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China Recently, the demand for universal and reliable data transmission between the harsh industrial environment and the office communication has been increasing continuously. Within the scope of its product portfolio for Industrial Ethernet applications, Escha offers the appropriate connectivity components for the interface solution required by the market. To these belong M12x1 round connectors, flanges, and built-in plugs with X-coding for the high safety requirements in field level as well as RJ45 connectors for IT-wiring. Connectors for the field level and the office level The four-pair M12x1 round connectors for the field level are based on the 360°-shielding concept developed by Escha. Thereby, the shield connection is effected through a reliable crimping with the shield housing and not through a crimped plug-connection on the cable. Thus, they meet the IP67, IP68, and IP69K protection class requirements and moreover guarantee a safe- and reliable 10 Gbit/s datatransmission speed according to Cat6A. In addition to the manufactured connection- and junction cables, the company has added a fieldwireable plug to the product line. Furthermore, a portfolio with housing feed-throughs for front- and back wall installation with wires or print contacts was applied. To these also belongs an M12x1-flange with angled contacts for direct mounting of boards that can compensate for wall thicknesses of 1 mm to 5 mm upon request. Moreover, a reflow-capable built-in socket for device installation is available and is adapted to custom-specific housing. The shielding concept has been consistently implemented with these products as well. About Company name: Escha Bauelemente GmbH Headquarters: Halver, Germany Turnover: € 43 Million. Employees: 500 worldwide Products: overmoulded connectors, male field wireable, case technology

COMPONENTS AND SOFTWARE In office level, the requirements regarding tightness and pollution of a connector are lower than those in the industry level. For this application area, various RJ45-solutions are available that meet protection class IP20. The 4-pole- and 8-pole connection- and junction cables of the RJ45-connector provide for data transmission according to Cat6 and are also available in an overmolded- as well as a field-wireable version. All variants are multi-port capable through their compact housing style. Applications with high data- transmission speeds According to Escha, there are mainly three areas that have always driven up data-transmission speeds in the past and will continue to do so in future. These include the building installation in industrial facilities as well as the device installation. Likewise, the requirements will continue to increase in the area of vision and scanner-systems for production monitoring and real-time data evaluation. In addition to the industrial application areas, there are more application environments for example rail and security applications. In particular, entertainment-systems on trains that provide passengers with a reliable seat-internet connection and monitoring cameras place similarly high requirements on data transmission and robustness of the connector. Apart from high transmission speeds, the trend will also continue to move towards quality. It is only when misinformation during data transmission is avoided, that the available high transmission speeds can also be used. In case of new applications with higher data volumes, qualitatively inferior cables cause transmission errors. That means, data packages have to be resent which in turn leads to higher network traffic and longer protocol processing periods. Particularly sensitive systems may even experience a bus crash. At this point, the company comes in with its highgrade M8x1 and M12x1 Industrial Ethernet components for all protocols (sercos, EtherCAT, ProfiNet, Powerlink and EtherNet/IP). The connector and housing manufacturer has launched connectivity that provides for measurable high data-transmission speeds. All products guarantee a reliable fast and safe future data transmission through increased signal reserves. Comprehensive portfolio for IE-applications For high speed industrial ethernet applications, Escha offers its M12x1-connectors with X-coding D-coding along with the new RJ45-products.This 4-pole product range is also based on the proven 360°-shielding concept and guarantees better network traffic through high signal reserves. The cables for all products are UL-approved and thus meet the current North American market safety guidelines. Photographs: Teaser fotolia, others Escha 03 Overmolded M12x1 round connector with X-Coding 04 The RJ45-connectors are available in 4-pole and 8-pole versions 01 M12x1 flange with Escha shielding concept for Industrial Ethernet applications 02 M12x1 flange with angled contacts for direct mounting of boards 05 Field wireable M12x1 round connector for Cat6A applications AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015


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