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Automation Technologies 3/2014

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Automation Technologies 3/2014

News and Markets 02 With

News and Markets 02 With its world-class infrastructure, Kizad will benefit from excellent multimodal connectivity 03 The first international companies are located in Kizad ment and support essential for long term competitive advantage. Kizad will set new standards for industrial zone infrastructure, environment and operation, reinforcing Abu Dhabi’s global competitive advantage. Kizad’s strategic advantages Many factors influence the decision of where to locate a business, and Kizad sets out to address the most critical of these, efficient access to markets, low operating costs and ease of doing business in a uniquely proactive way. “With its enormous size and strategically planned approach, Kizad will inevitably become one of the world’s foremost industrial zones. It is set to become a hub for manufacturing, logistics and trade, across a number of sectors. The planning and organization of Kizad is designed to add value at every stage of the supply chain, by enhancing productivity and offering business efficiencies of scale, proximity, and market access”, Khaled Salmeen A Kawari, CEO and Managing Director of Kizad, is convinced. With one of the world’s most advanced deepwater seaports and world-class infrastructure, Kizad will benefit from excellent multimodal connectivity via sea, air, road and rail networks to ensure easy accessibility to and from the Industrial Zone. Strategically priced to help deliver Abu Dhabi’s diversification plans, Kizad’s tenants will benefit from some of the world’s most competitive utility costs. With a Masterplan designed to create proximity to suppliers and customers and many other business efficiencies, Kizad will help to ensure that manufacturing, trade and logistics industries all enjoy a long term competitive advantage. The infrastructure, location and transportation advantages all conspire to make success easier to archive for companies based at Kizad. In addition, the team you meet, most with industrial backgrounds themselves, are trained to guide you through the set-up process and help with Government certification, to get your business up and running in the shortest possible time. Outstanding access to global markets Locate Kizad on a World map, and the strength of its strategic location immediately becomes clear. Centrally situated between East and West, Abu Dhabi is the ideal location for businesses to tap into huge regional and global markets. Its world central location means businesses in the Industrial Zone can tap into a market of more than two billion consumers within four time zones. Europe, Russia, India and Africa, are all easily reached while the markets of the Far East - Asia, Korea, China and Japan are readily accessible. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2014

News and Markets previous page back to current issue Kizad will benefit from excellent access by sea though its ultra modern deepwater seaport, Khalifa Port. Kizad is also directly connected to the markets of the UAE and the wider Middle East. The Industrial Zone and Khalifa Port have excellent access to the UAE’s excellent highway network which links to the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) and wider Middle East. Abu Dhabi International Airport and Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai are both less than 30 minutes away, while the emerging freight and passenger rail networks will link tenants at Kizad to the far corners of the Arabian Peninsula. Roads in and around the Industrial Zone will be international standard dual four-lane highways, and dual three-lane arterial roads for efficient movement of goods and traffic. Interchanges are all constructed with bridges to further facilitate the flow of traffic. The road network links all major cities in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.The option of dedicated rail links and marshalling yards within Kizad also exists. Union Railway – currently constructing the UAE component of a planned Pan-Arabian rail network linking Yemen, Oman and Saudi Arabia with the European Union and Russia – offers the opportunity to integrate rail freight facilities into the operating plan of customers’ plants, and Kizad is keen to facilitate such bulk handling capabilities into the Zone’s infrastructure. Foods, one of the largest processed food producers in the world. What draws these investors to Kizad is the zone’s strategic location between the East and West, as well as its superb access to new emerging markets in Asia and Africa. In addition, Abu Dhabi offers some of the most competitive utility costs in the GCC, and provides an ease-of-doing-business environment, with fast documentation and approval processes – all part of the emirate’s economic policy implemented to attract businesses from around the globe. “Furthermore, the UAE as a country and second largest Arab economy after Saudi Arabia serves as an inviting and favourable business platform. With a high degree of political stability and a 100 % tax free environment, it offers an ideal framework for companies to develop and flourish”, says Khaled Salmeen. Kizad attracts key industry players 41 warehousing units are currently being handed over to logistics tenants, including big names like Agility, UPP and the Al Kabeer Group. To date, more than 52 national and international investors have signed lease agreements and started construction of their factories in the industrial zone, for example, the German companies KSB, a leading global manufacturer of pumps and valves with headquarters in Frankenthal, as well as the Bauer Group, an internationally operating construction and machinery manufacturer based in Schrobenhausen, and Brasil 04 “Kizad will become one of the world’s foremost industrial zones” Khaled Salmeen AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2014


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