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Automation Technologies 3/2014

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Automation Technologies 3/2014

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News and Markets Abu Dhabi – why you should invest in the desert state? Dirk Schaar Creating tomorrow, today – that’s the aim of Abu Dhabi. In order to achieve this goal, with Kizad is currently being built up an ambitious and visionary industrial park. Industrial companies from around the world to be lured into the emirate. But why to invest there? back to current issue In just a couple of generations, Abu Dhabi has transformed itself from a desert landscape into a thriving business hub surrounded by lush residential communities. Home to many talented and skilled professionals and Capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is a dynamic modern city rich with impressive architecture, at the forefront of global green initiatives and planning for the next generation’s transformation. From a commercial perspective, Abu Dhabi is widely recognized as a prime location to do business. With the Government investing billions of dollars in diversification and infrastructure, the Emirate is rapidly becoming one of the world’s primary hubs for economic, commercial and corporate activity. Work is already underway in developing key industrial sectors, such as Transport, Manufacturing, Tourism and Healthcare, to attract leading regional and multinational companies. The goal is to assert Abu Dhabi’s standing as an international hub, with these sectors alone expected to grow at more than 7.5 % annually. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2014

News and Markets is, in part, to create the range and number of opportunities necessary to recruit, retain and develop local and skilled expatriate talent to build a sustainable knowledge economy whilst reducing reliance on unskilled labour. Driven in part by Abu Dhabi’s long term population growth, one of Kizad’s foremost objectives is to increase the number of highly skilled jobs available in Abu Dhabi, across a range of sectors and over the long term. These will be high quality jobs, drawing in expertise from around the world to create opportunities for Emiratis and expats living in the country to develop the skills and expertise to flourish on a world stage. Kizad expected, directly and indirectly, to create more than 100.000 jobs. The economic benefits are obvious – by 2030, Kizad will be expected to contribute around 15 % of Abu Dhabi’s non-oil GDP. It will be a powerful magnet for foreign direct investment, with global business locating large-scale primary and downstream manufacturing facilities in the Industrial Zone. It is anticipated that between 60 % and 80 % of the goods manufactured within Kizad will be exported, adding further value to the nation’s economy. Kizad’s strategy is to attract world-class companies, and to establish international industry best practices throughout the zone. Global and local companies alike will find in Kizad the business efficiencies, market access, low cost operating environnext page A metting pot of over 150 nationalities live and work in the UAE, lured here by year-round sunshine and the chance to enjoy a tax-free lifestyle in one of the world’s most progressive cities. Abu Dhabi has also carved itself a reputation as a leading tourism destination, with five-star hotels and resorts, top golf courses and leisure facilities, and superb cultural attractions. The city itself has many scenic developments such as the Corniche where families can enjoy being beside the sea or go for a leisurely stroll. Abu Dhabi has a growing reputation for sporting events with excellent cricket and football stadia and annual events on the golf and tennis circuits. These developments not only improve the quality of life of residents and the enjoyment of visitors, they also ensure that the specialists needed for Abu Dhabi’s industrial expansion can be easily recruited and retained to pass on their knowledge and experience to local talent. Sustainable knowledge based economy From the outset, Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) has been a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi economic Vision 2013. It is the means by which a number of ambitious, long-term targets will be delivered, and marks a substantial drive towards diversification of the economy in pursuit of sustainable growth less dependent on the oil and gas industries. Its purpose 01 Kizad will benefit from excellent access by sea though its deepwater seaport, Khalifa Port AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2014 95


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