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Automation Technologies 2/2016

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Automation Technologies 2/2016

Jumo digiLine opens the

Jumo digiLine opens the door to sensor technology 4.0 With digiLine, Jumo presents a new bus-capable connection system for digital sensors. The system enables the creation of intelligent sensor networks. All-important measurement parameters of liquid analysis can be measured with a single system. A new pH probe and a redox probe were developed for the market launch. These pH and redox sensors are delivered as a unit consisting of the sensor with reusable electronics. Once the pH or redox component has worn out, the connection is separated and the electronics can continue to be used with a new sensor. The digiLine sensor network increases the number of sensors that can be connected to the multiparameter measuring and control devices. Further - more, these sensors can be integrated directly in the Jumo mTront T automation system without an additional transmitter. At present, no comparable solution is being offered by any other manufacturer. With digiLine, a diverse range of sensors can be connected to each other in a star or tree structure. This enables more efficient and faster cabling of plants in which several parameters need to be measured simultaneously at various locations. With an analog output of 4 to 20 mA, the smart sensors can even be integrated in older systems. Molex offers fully-tested cable assemblies for heavy industrial applications PRODUCT NEWS Molex Heavy Duty Connectors are suitable for power, control and signal circuit connections. They are UL/CSA-approved and rated to IP66/67 for industrial applications and IP69K (EN 60529) for applications where frequent washdowns are required, such as in the food processing industry. A comprehensive range of cables for sensors, measurement and controls, robotics, network and drives applications are manufactured and rigorously tested at Molex’s facility in Italy. Furthermore, Molex also offers custom made hybrid cables, suitable for applications with low voltage and power conductors, together with coax data and transmission elements that are suitable for space constrained applications and allow a faster installation than traditional individual elements. Regardless of the end application, Molex supports industrial OEMs with fully-tested cable assemblies and harness solutions at a cost-competitive price. By combining its ‘D-Sub mixed layout’ modular connectors and Heavy Duty Connector families with cables, Molex helps OEMs reduce costs, save time and cut materials wastage. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2016

NI launches 3 new powerful industrial controllers The American tech giant, National Instruments, announced a family of three new industrial controllers that address the complex requirements of Industry 4.0 applications. With these industrial controllers the machine builders and system designers can eliminate the need for separate subsystems within complex machines and consolidate functionality into a single controller. They can simplify system complexity, decrease system cost and reduce overall footprint by integrating different types of I/O into a single, high-performance controller, such as the newly released IC-3173. The IC-3173 industrial controller addresses the requirements with key features, including: Dual-core Intel i7 processors combined with user-programmable FPGAs, customizable digital I/O. 5 independently controlled Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 full-bandwidth controlled USB 3.0 ports for connecting to and processing images from multiple USB3 Vision and GigE Vision cameras simultaneously. Support for EtherCAT Master, Ethernet/IP, RS232/ RS485, Modbus serial and Modbus/TCP to communicate with other devices such as PLCs and operator interfaces. Full LabVIEW system design software support for customizing control algorithms, performing image processing and executing advanced analytics. Sony’s new camera series for advanced machine vision applications ‘VBase’ HMI / Scada 11 becomes modular and listens to your word The next major update of the HMI and Scada system “VBase” by Visam GmbH makes the life of developers of visualization projects a notch far simpler. With the new program version, VBase introduces new function blocks. Those pre-built program modules make the use of complex and frequently used calculations and functions much easier. For example, a utility meter integrates within a very short time and is then available project wide with over 70 pre-calculated values. The software is delivered with 40 function blocks and includes modules for OEE, operating hours counter, counter statistics and time switch. More function blocks are being planned and can be developed quickly and easily. Other new features simplify the creation of daily, monthly and annual time switches as well as the rapid display of multiple ratio values in the form of pie, ring or bar graphs. An additional, acoustical input for the end user is the new voice control. Activated by the keyword “Hello Visam”, the Scada system will from now on listen to every word and on the instructions of the plant operator. The voice commands and actions can be freely defined during configuration and invoked at runtime. Sony Europe’s Image Sensing Solutions Division today introduced a new series of GS CMOS series cameras. This new series is particularly well suited for manufacturing sectors within the automotive, electronics/ semiconductors and food & beverage industries. In non-manufacturing sectors, key applications include intelligent transport systems, logistics, high-end security and biometrics. In industrial applications traditionally, a rolling shutter has been used, since the electronic shutter mechanism in CMOS image sensors allows an unavoidable, intrinsic distortion of the focal plane. Overcoming this problem, Sony’s Pregius is a global shutter pixel technology for CMOS image sensors that use Sony’s low-noise CCD structure to realise undistorted, high image quality. The Exmor R is a back-illuminated CMOS image sensor with improved sensitivity and noise reduction. While radically realigning the fundamental pixel structure from front-illumination to back-illumination, Exmor R retains all the advantages of traditional CMOS image sensors such as low power consumption and high-speed operation. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2016


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