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Automation Technologies 2/2016

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Automation Technologies 2/2016

Web-based remote

Web-based remote maintenance solution for increased machine availability The more comprehensive the design of remote maintenance solutions for machines and systems, the more complex their management tends to be. Even dedicated, secure connections to IT systems pose a challenge. Read this article about the new web-based remote maintenance solution, which makes remote maintenance easy and enables production facilities to be managed efficiently. About Weidmüller The company develops electronic products and electrical connectivity – e.g. for the automobile manufacturing, electricity production or water management. Its mission is to support customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. The Weidmüller Group owns manufacturing plants, sales companies and representatives in more than 80 countries, the headquarters is based in Detmold, Germany. In its fiscal year 2014 Weidmüller reached sales of 673 million Euros with 4,800 employees. These days, manufacturing companies need to react increasingly quickly to changing customer requirements. Greater levels of automation and the gradual rise in the importance of software play an ever-more substantial role in ensuring necessary flexibility. The result is more complex systems which need to be understood, controlled and maintained. As well as increased production flexibility, the demands on machinery productivity are also higher, as unplanned downtime can prove particularly time-consuming and expensive. In the event of a problem with complex systems and machines, the maintenance personnel refer back to the manufacturer’s specialists. The most expensive and time-consuming option is an on-site visit – but there are now much more efficient alternatives: the Weidmüller teleservicing solution allows plant manufacturers to offer their customers tailored services across the whole lifecycle of a machine. This includes a support team to provide quick answers to questions relating to operation, process optimisation and the servicing of machines and plants. User-friendly and fully integrated solution The Weidmüller system solutions consist of network components such as industrial security routers and Ethernet switches, the u-remote remote I/O system, plus integrated web servers for detailed system diagnostics, add-on communication-compliant automation components and the u-link web-based teleservicing solution. Some of the system solutions can be configured on a customer-specific INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS

Industrial Ethernet routers guarantee the full system integrity of the respective remote maintenance solution Monitor machines securely and efficiently with u-link, the web-based remote maintenance solution basis, for example, the u-remote system. For manufacturers of series machines, the system not only offers user-friendliness but also another advantage: the fully integrated solution for the I/O system means system parameterisation can be used multiple times. The most striking benefits of the u-link portal include secure remote access, a flexible system structure, efficient management, rapid telediagnostics and accelerated plant servicing. Secure remote access is guaranteed by a web portal with an integral VPN rendezvous server in Germany, a router with integrated SPI Firewall (stateful inspection), authentication via x.509-based certificates (OpenVPN with SSL encryption) and manual access permissions for the machine. Direct remote access to all system functions U-link guarantees safe and rapid communication between the user and the plant, consistent diagnostic functions for all communication-capable devices, as well as plant topology that can be easily expanded. Efficient management supports the intuitive operator front-end with clear user navigation and user, group and permissions management based on individual requirements. Remote maintenance for machines or plants via the u-link portal is not only quick but available 24/7 all year round, plus there is direct access to all TCP/IP-based devices. In-depth remote analysis is also made possible thanks to integral diagnostics tools such as the u-remote web server. The Weidmüller remote maintenance solution allows accelerated plant service, gives users direct remote „The benefits of the u-link portal include secure remote access, flexible structure, rapid telediagnostics and accelerated plant servicing“ access to all system functions and allows them to adapt configurations and programs and apply firmware updates. In the u-remote system, broad function simulators support the commissioning of systems, plus there is the option of configuring series machines for easier use. Any plant errors can be quickly pinpointed and solved while the system is running. Photographs: Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2016


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