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Automation Technologies 2/2015

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Automation Technologies 2/2015


INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION previous page 02 The FC300 flow volume meters with the FC070 Simatic Siflow modules are crucial components for the high-quality paint supply systems specialists and users alike when compared to conventional button solutions or operating panels.” Compared to other solutions in hazardous areas which are more costly than standard solutions, the KP8 already has the required certifications for hazardous areas in its basic version. Large keys with tactile feedback make for safe operation – even with gloves. Different plant states can be clearly displayed with the selection of five different colors (green, red, yellow, blue, white) for the LED backlight. You can also set continuous light and flashing light with adjustable frequency with the controller; a tremendous benefit for paint shops. The functions flushing (blue), spraying (green), presenting (yellow) and fault (red) are available on the left side of the eight keys. The arrow up and down keys for recipe selection, recipe acceptance (white) and a free space for future expansions are located on the right. If a function is in the execution cycle such as flushing, for example, the corresponding key flashes. The same color coding can also be shown on the signaling column (traffic light) of the corresponding paint supply system which is easy to recognize from outside the booth. “We can easily program all these functions and assign parameters in the controller software,” ensures Dirk Schöning. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2015

INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATION Engineering framework for convenient working The reason for the convenient system architecture is the “TIA Portal” engineering framework from Siemens. This program includes programming, parameter assignment, visualization and diagnostics in one single tool. This means for the integration of the KP8 PN that only the corresponding device had to be selected from a predefined selection and given the required parameter assignment. The key panel was used for the first time in a Regular 15 with a Simatic S7-1200 controller. This combination of modern devices of the latest generation is compact, powerful and makes things easy when it comes to configuring, construction and commissioning. “The system consistency practiced by Siemens based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) has many benefits for us – not least for our availability and our global service,” states Dirk Schöning. Oltrogge also uses these benefits in their flow volume measuring instruments. Here, too, there has been a move away from older solutions in favor of the Sitrans FC 300 devices. “The high-quality sensors let us set the mixing ratio of paint and hardener very precisely,” mentions Wolfgang Rosteck. The devices are available for measuring ranges from 0 to 350 kg/h with an accuracy of 0.1 %. They are connected by means of a pre-fabricated, intrinsically safe (color: blue) cable with the Simatic Siflow FC070 control station. And the integration from the hazardous area into the control environment is just as easy. “The major additional benefit of these devices is that they measure temperature in addition to density,” explains Dirk Schöning. Temperature must be monitored very closely especially during spraying. Here, the pot life – the time specified by the paint manufacturer in which the mixture of paint and hardener cures – plays a special role. Based on the experience of the specialists in Bielefeld, the processing temperatures, especially for water-based paints, should never reach the 30 °C mark. Simple integration of the panels The HMI Comfort Panel from Siemens is the seamless extension of the control solution for the spraying systems from Bielefeld. It is integrated in the door of the control cabinet which is located outside the spray booth and can be easily integrated with Profinet. These panels for plant visualization have decisive benefits, according to the two experts: “They have brilliant colors, first-class resolution and make a great impression with their modern design.” To enhance their appearance even further, Oltrogge has the Comfort Panels delivered in a custom design including the company logo. Wolfgang Rosteck and Dirk Schöning summarize: “Initially we did not think that a big corporation would offer such outstanding flexibility and customer care – today we are very happy with our system partner.” Photographs: teaser & background fotolia 03 For the paint supply systems, Oltrogge uses the KP8 PN from Siemens as explosion-proof remote control with Profinet communication AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2015


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